Troops have two main purposes in CotG: raiding NPCs (Caverns and Boss Monsters) and PvP Combat.

Troop Mechanics Edit

Starvation Edit

All troops eat food once an hour from the city in which they were recruited, regardless of where are currently are (except for sieges). If a city ever runs out of food, the troops begin to starve. While troops are starving, 10% of the troops will disband (effectively the same as dying) every hour.

Troop Slots Edit

All troops (except City Guards) take up Troop Slots in their home city regardless of where they currently are. Building and upgrading Barracks provides Troops Slots. Building a Castle gives a multiplicative bonus to a city's Troops Slots (up to 4x).

Raiding Edit

Raiding is arguably the fastest way to gain resources in CotG. For comparison, a fully leveled resource city can make 80,000+ resources per hour. A Vanquisher Castle can make 3-10x that, depending on the proximity of Caverns.

Generally, offensive troops can raid any type of dungeon profitably. Defensive troops, due to their low attack, should only raid Caverns weak to their troop type. See Caverns for troop-type weaknesses.

Vanquishers are generally the best raiding troops, with their high attack, decent loot capacity, and cheap cost. Many players mix about 20% Triari in with raiding Vanquishers to increase loot capacity.

PvP Combat Edit

See PvP Combat.

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