Inactive Portal as seen in region view.

There are 4 portals located on every continent in Aschendal. Once every 7-10 days, one of the four portals on a continent will activate for 24 hours. While a portal is active, players can send their troops through the portal to attack enemies or defend allies on other continents. Players can scout, plunder, assault, siege, or reinforce other players through portals. Players get a 12 hour pop-up warning before portals open.

Active Portal as seen in region view.

Portalstones Edit

Troops require portalstones to travel through portals (1 portalstone per TS). Portalstones are generated at a certain speed from the rank of Commander upwards.

Commander 1000 /hr
Dux 1750 /hr
Magister 2500 /hr
Supreme Commander 3500 /hr
Caesar 5000 /hr

Portalstone generation can also be sped up further by research, or for a short period of time using the Pendant item. The Purse item will also give a player a certain instant amount of portalstones.

Portal Attack Penalty Edit

All troops sent through a portal receive an attack penalty corresponding to the distance traveled. For more information see Portal Attack Penalty.